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Polish Hill PONs is please to announce an exciting Winter Litter, 2019


Parents are OFA and CERF.


Puppies born January 6, 2019


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Pictured below are previous Polish Hill PON Puppies.


Our puppies are home raised, crate trained, potty trained, know basic

commands, are microchipped, have first puppy vaccinations, including

kennel cough.









Parents are OFA, CERF, & CHIC registered.


For more information or reservations, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.



Please click here to see the Photo Gallery of Polish Hill Puppies bred over the years.


            If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out our questionnaire  


Polish Hill PONs is pleased to announce our Winter, 2019 Litter!!


To reserve a puppy from this litter, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.



 Polish Hill is currently accepting reservations for this exciting Winter litter.



Polish Hill occasionally offers adults available for placement.  All adults are neutered and current with vaccinations, microchip, heartworm prevention, hip & eye certifications, etc.  We currently have a 3 year old chocolate and white female to place in a wonderful home.  

Please fill out our Questionnaire to inquire about puppies and adults available.


Puppies have all vaccinations completed: Distemper, Kennel Cough, & Rabies.  Puppies are all microchipped, crate trained, potty trained, leash trained, and know basic commands.
Inquires Welcome!

Polish Hill PON  puppies and young adults will be occasionally available. Our dogs are bred to exemplify the amazing versatility of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog breed and their parents are carefully selected to help enhance correct structure, temperament, and health.   We require all individuals interested in a Polish Hill puppy to complete our puppy questionnaire. We will acknowledge all applications, which open the way for further conversation about our dogs and the breed.  Your application will be kept on file, at your request, if we do not have a PON available at the time.  However, we do NOT guarantee you will get a PON from us. Polish Hill puppies are carefully matched to their future homes. We reserve the final choice of placing a particular PON with regards to your preferences.   We carefully evaluate each of our puppy’s personalities to coincide with you and your family’s desires, lifestyle, etc.  With this in mind, if Polish Hill has a puppy that will make a welcome addition into your home, we require a non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy for your family.  Polish Hill PONs does require that the buyer sign a purchase agreement at the time you receive your puppy/dog .  This agreement is for both the puppy/dog and your benefit.

 Polish Hill PONs prides themselves on the love, care, attention, and training we give our puppies.   Our puppies are vet-check regularly, given a health certificate, wormed, and have their first vaccines (including Kennel Cough) before leaving our home. When the puppy/dog embarks on its new life with you and your family, they will be crate trained, familiar with a collar and lead, and will be started on outdoor potty training. Our puppies start attending puppy training and socialization classes as early as possible. It is our belief that the early training by us will make the puppy’s transition from our home to yours much easier and beneficial to all involved. Their health and well-being is of primary importance, and no puppy will leave before they, as an individual, are ready. We DO NOT ship any puppies or dogs. We feel it is imperative to insure the utmost safety of your puppy/dog AND to initiate the bonding process of you and your new PON, that any new owner meet us and their new Polish Hill PON when the puppy/dog is ready to join your family.  We require, if not within driving distance, that new owners fly in and pick up their new puppy and transport them home again in the airline cabin with you.  We will personally fly the puppy to its new home (buyer pays for all transportation expenses) if the prospective owner is not available to fly to us. 

Puppies will be sold with a very strict spay/neuter agreement. It has been our experience that very few individuals are willing to devote the time and expense that showing and breeding entails.  Polish Hill PONs is committed to the preservation and protection of our breed and blood lines.  In a few, past instances we have entrusted dogs bred by us to be placed in show/breeding homes.  Unfortunately, the agreements with us were not honored.  Because of our devotion and integrity to the breed, Polish Hill PONs will no longer offer stud services to outside PONs as well as place puppies in show homes.  If you purchase one of our adult dogs, the PON will be neutered/spayed before placement in your home.  Polish Hill PONs is MORE interested in placing a loving, happy, healthy companion with your family, than accumulating more show ribbons.  We already have been and continue to be awarded numerous honors and championships with our dogs.  Please fill out the following questionnaire to be considered for one of our puppies.

Photo Gallery of Polish Hill Puppies bred over the years.









Photo Gallery of Polish Hill Puppies bred over the years.