Group-Placing National Specialty Best-of-Breed CH. Elzbieta’s Czmatke Polishill


Sire: Elzbieta's Claudius

Dam: SKC CH., Puerto Rican CH., Champion of the America's Mutsnah Z Elzbieta

Birthdate: Sept. 11, 1993

Died: Apr. 20, 2009

Color: White with Gray Markings

OFA: Good

CERF: Normal

Thyroid: Normal


Czmatke is the Foundation Stud at Polish Hill PONs. He is our first male PON. Czmatke is the Sire, Grandsire, and Great-Grandsire of many of the top PONs in the U.S. Not only does he possess beautiful PON conformation, type and headset, and a gentle, outgoing disposition and temperament, he passes these same traits on to his progeny. He continues to be our pride and joy. Czmatke has produced multiple champions, most notably: World Champion, Puerto Rican Champion, Caribbean Champion, Mexican Champion, International Champion, Champion of the Americas '98 & '99, National Specialty BOB '97 & '98, BISS and Multi-BIS ARBA Champion, BIS CRS Champion, IABAC Champion, AKC Champion Polish Hill's Batman the Caped Crusader, CGC. Batman, to date, is the most titled conformation male PON in the USA! ARBA Champion, National Specialty BOS '97 Boze Narodzenie Polish Hill, CGC, ARBA Champion Stella Z Polish Hill, AKC Champion Polish Hill's Kruszynka, and ARBA Champion, CRS Champion, World Wide Kennel Club Champion Polish Hill's Ciena were puppies from Czmatke's and Jana's second litter. What a dream litter that was, 5

Czmatke is a true gentleman. He is gentle and understanding with children and adults alike. He is always willing to give his love to anyone he meets.  Czmatke's typical greeting is to raise his head to you and lick your face. He loves to give kisses.  Czmatke has an innate desire to please. He quickly obeys commands given to him and loves to be around his humans. He can often be found lying on your feet when you are sitting on the couch. He's the perfect foot cozy. I never have to worry about wearing slippers around the house during cold Wisconsin winters. Between Czmatke and Batman, my feet are always warm.

Czmatke goes up to bed with family members retiring for the night. He makes the rounds of all the bedrooms, taking inventory as to who is in their beds and which humans are still out. If anyone is missing from his or her bedroom, Czmatke returns downstairs to wait by the front door until everyone is home and then finally comes into our bedroom, sticks his cold, big, wet, black nose in my face to let me know everyone is finally home safe and sound. This makes it very difficult for any of the children to sneak in after curfew. He continues to be my most devoted family oriented PON! You could not ask for a more devoted or loving companion.

Czmatke passed away of a stroke at the age of 15 years, 7 months, and 9 days old.  Not a day goes by where he is in my thoughts and memories.  Czmatke and Batman will always remain as my family’s most favorite companions.