Jande Jana


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Sire: CH. Stefan Z Europa

Dam: CH. Jande Jajana

Birthdate: Jan. 1, 1992

Died: June 9, 2001

Color: White with Gray & Beige Markings

OFA: Fair

CERF: Normal

Thyroid: Normal


Jana was our first PON and the foundation bitch at Polish Hill PONs. She arrived on a flight from Michigan on a foggy March evening. The whole family eagerly waited at the airport desk for a glimpse of the newest member of the Siehr household. We weren't disappointed! She was only 8 weeks old but she was one of the prettiest puppies I had ever held. Such a little fluff ball! She quickly became the 'belle of the ball' at our house. Jana grew up to be just as enchanting as she was as a puppy. She loved everyone. Jana had a particular soft spot for the young, puppies and humans alike. She played the role of governess to our 4 young children. Wherever our children were, there was Jana watching over them. She slept in our two daughters' bedroom at night right in front of the door. You had to really push to get the door open, sliding Jana along with it. Once Jana was planted there for the night, nothing was moving her! Jana had a strong, innate sense of what was appropriate for the kids and what was trouble. If the children were playing with something Jana didn't believe was right, she would find me and bark. I learned to gage how serious the children’s' indiscretions were by how frantic the pitch of Jana's bark was. We had just painted our living room, hallway etc. I was at the sink doing dishes when Jana came up barking. She seemed pretty agitated so I followed her into the hall. My children had decided to decorate on their own with Crayola crayons. That was the shortest paint job in our house.

Jana also excelled as a Mom to puppies as well, both hers and other females in our house. She loved her babies and always watched out for them, even as they grew up. She definitely was the pack leader. Jana was a loving mother, gentle disciplinarian, and competent teacher of all the dogs in our household, young and old alike. Jana loved to snuggle on the couch next to the kids, my husband, or myself and snooze a quiet evening away, loved to ride in the car, and go for walks. When there were pups to watch over, even when she was old, Jana was happiest letting the pups crawl over her, tugging and hanging on her coat. In her entire life, I never heard Jana growl at anyone or thing. Even in the twilight of her life, she remained loving and tolerant of everyone.

Jana produced World Champion, Puerto Rican Champion, Caribbean Champion, Mexican Champion, Latin American Champion, International Champion, Champion of the Americas '98 & '99, National Specialty BOB '97 & '98, BISS and Multi-BIS ARBA Champion, BIS CRS Champion, IABAC Champion, AKC Champion Polish Hill's Batman the Caped Crusader, CGC. Batman, to date, is the most titled conformation male PON in the USA!  She also produced ARBA Champion, National Specialty BOS '97 Boze Narodzenie Polish Hill, CGC, ARBA Champion Stella Z Polish Hill, AKC Champion CH Polish Hill's Kruszynka, and ARBA Champion, CRS Champion, World Wide Kennel Club Champion Polish Hill's Ciena were puppies from Jana's second litter. What a dream litter that was, 5 Champions!!!

Jana will always be remembered by Vic, I, and especially, our children. She was there by their side for their youth and starting adulthood. She remains a dear, missed family member.